NurtureSites provides website design & hosting services for small business owners, course creators, coaches & healers

The NurtureSites difference:

We take it all off your plate

We take responsibility for keeping your site safe, secure, and up to date. We run multiple daily backups of your website, update all your plugins for you, and fix anything that breaks. Our servers are fast and cared for by our full-time admin and support team (hi Bobby and Tom!👋).

Friendly, real, US-based support

Our small but mighty team cares about you and your business, and it shows in the above-and-beyond help we provide at every step.

Unlike many hosts, we are not just reselling a bigger host’s service. We are truly independent, and the buck stops with us.

The world's easiest website editor

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The others claim it, but we deliver it. We have THE easiest to use website editor in the world. See it in action in the video above. 😍


Every sale we make plants a tree. As a subscription service, this makes a difference. Move to NurtureSites and you’ll automatically be contributing 12 trees per year to the climate crisis.

WordPress made easier

We build on WordPress, but our uniquely easy-to-use front-side editor keeps you safely out of the hot lava that is the WordPress dashboard. Get all the benefits of the world’s leading website platform with none of the drama or confusion.

Owned & run by a woman

Meet our founder and lead designer in the section below this. She has 25 years of professional experience in web hosting and website design. Oh, and she’s a Pagan Druid, too. 💫 #paganpreneur

Meet Sally

Founder, Owner & Lead Designer at NurtureSites

Hi, I’m Sally Crewe (“The Website Sherpa”). I’m a creative digital designer, tech entrepreneur, musician, energy healer, and the newly appointed Lead Designer for Pagan Dawn, the Pagan Federation’s quarterly magazine.

A born and bred Brit (and card-carrying member of the British Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids), I grew up in Sherwood Forest, riding horses, climbing trees, and figuring out Beatles songs on guitar in my room.

I’ve lived in Austin, TX for nearly 20 years, and manage to keep my English accent intact by rarely leaving the house. #dedicatedpawrent #accentprotectionprogram

I have two dogs, Tommy and Mavis, a husband called George, and a cat called Walter.

I’ve loved design, music, and animals for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to draw bands consisting of cats, dogs, foxes, and rabbits 🥁 🎸🐰🦊  and then I’d compose their songs and design a logo for them. 😂

I used to spend all my pocket money “rescuing” soft toy animals from the local charity shop (turns out this was good practice for adulthood, too).

As a teenager, I published a music fanzine/magazine called ‘Junction 27’ (my exit on the M1 motorway).

It allowed me to pursue my photography hobby, play around with desktop publishing software, get sent free records, and meet/interview many of my musical heroes.

Although I had the grades for University, I chose art college and began a diploma in Art & Design, but left to pursue my fanzine and music career after being awarded a Prince’s Trust Youth Business Grant from King Charles III (then Prince Charles).

My mum, Trish Penrose (pen name May Crewe) is a talented novelist and artist.

My creative outlet has always been music and graphic design, although I do have a non-fiction book in the works, and I like to dabble in abstract pen art (fancy way to say I doodle patterns!)

I have a particular fondness for the vintage modern posters and advertising of the 1930s-1960s, and a natural feel for balance and spacing (aka visual OCD) that I apply to all my work.

You can check out all my other projects, brands, and services here.